Complete Azure Training Syllabus


Azure Modules

Cloud Computing                                Agile, Scalable, Elastic, High Availability

Networking VNET                                VNET, Subnet, IP Address, NSG, LoadBalancer etc 

Storage                                                       BLOB Storage – Block Blob, Append Blob, Page Blob, File Storage, Queue Storage,

Active Directory                                  RBAC, MFA, Multi tenant,

Backup and Recovery                                               Full, Incremental, Differential, point in time Transaction Backup and recovery Vault

AZ-104  – Azure Administration Practice using Portal, Powershell, Cloud CLI and ARM Templates Automation

1.1 Administer Subscription                                                                                                       Done

1.2 Administer Tenant                                                                                                                    Done

1.3 Administer Active Directory                                                                                                                      Done

1.4 Administer User                                                                                                                          Done

1.5 Configure MFA, SSO                                                                                                                  Done

1.6 Grant RBAC Permissions                                                                                                        Done   Submit Week#5 Assignment

*Administer = Create, Modify, Add, Delete.

2.1 Create Resource Group                                                                                                         Done

2.2 Move Resources                                                                                                                                                 Done

2.3 Create VNET and Subnet                                                                                                       Done           

2.4 Create NSG and ASG                                                                                                                Done

2.5 Allow RDP Rule, Web Rule                                                                                                 Done

2.6 Install IIS Server                                                                                                                          Done

2.7 Create Windows VM                                                                                                                Done

2.8 Create UNIX VM                                                                                                                          Done    Submit Week#1 Assignment

3.1Configure Availability Zone, Availability Set and Scale Set                        Done

3.2 Configure DNS Zone                                                                                                                 TBD

3.3 Configure VNET Peering                                                                                                        Done

3.4 Configure Load Balancer with NAT Rules                                                                                          Done

3.5 Configure Virtual Appliance                                                                                                                       Done

3.6 Configure Bastion                                                                                                                                              Done

3.7 Configure Jump VM                                                                                                                  Done   Submit Week#2 Assignment

4.1 Create Firewall                                                                                                                            Done

4.2Configure Application and VPN Gateway                                                                                            Done

4.3Configure ExpressRoute and User Defined Route                                                                        Done

4.4 Configure RouteTable                                                                                                             Done

4.5, Configure Traffic manager                                                                                                  Done

4.6 Configure Point to Site and Site to Site connection.                                                               Done   Submit Week#3 Assignment

5.1Create and Publish Web API Program                                                                                                                                                  Done

5.2 Create Azure SQL Database with AlwaysOn cluster and configure encryption, masking and auditing   Done

5.3 Create Blob, File, Queue and Table Storage                                                                                                                                   Done           

5.4 Differentiate between Hot tier, Cold tier, Archive tier and Standard and Premium Storage                                             Done

5.5 Create serverless Container, Pods, Docker, Kubernetes                                                                                                       Done

5.6 Perform Backup and Recovery                                                                                                                                                                 Submit Week#4 Assignment                                     TBD

Complete AZ-204, 300, 400, 500 and DP-201                                                               September October                                                                         

AZ-204 – Developing Solutions using Microsoft Azure

1.1 Azure App Service –Web Apps and Logic Apps                                                     Done

1.2 Managing Data in SQL Database and Azure Storage                                                                   Done

1.3 Web Jobs                                                                                                                                         Done

1.4 Azure Functions                                                                                                                          Done

1.5 API Apps Management Service                                                                                         Done

1.6 Automation using Powershell, CLI and ARM templates                                                          Submit Week#6 Assignment

1.7  Azure Service Bus

1.8 Event Grid and Event Hub

1.9 Azure Search Service

1.10 Azure CosmosDB Service                                                                                                                           Submit Week#7 Assignment

1.11 Key Vault

1.12 Redis Caching

1.13 Programming Active Directory and container registry

1.14   Docker, Microservices and Kubernetes                                                                                                             

1.15 Azure Service Fabric                                                                                                                                     Submit Week#8 Assignment

AZ-400 Azure Devops

  1. Azure Boards
    1. Working with Git and Repos
    1. CI Pipeline using Classic Editor and YAML
    1. Integrating Quality Tests in Pipeline
    1. Scan and Code Vulnerabilities and License Ratings
    1. Azure Pipeline for CI and CD
    1. Key Vault and Managed Identity
    1. UI Test with  Selenium
    1. Working with SQL Database
    1. Working with Containerization using Docker
    1. IAC Using ARM Templates and Terraforms
    1. Azure Artifacts
    1. Continuous integration using Jenkins                                                                                                                      Submit Week#9 Assignment     

DP-200 and DP-201 Implementing Data Solutions using Azure

  1. Managing Data in SQL Database and Azure Storage               
    1. Data Lake
    1. Data Factory
    1. Azure Synaps Analytics
    1. Data Bricks
    1. Stream Analytics                                                                                                                                              Submit Week#10 Assignment